An Advantaged Church – Part 3 of “The 3 Attributes Of A Pre-Revival Environment”

Exciting news! We just wrapped our final team talk for Q1 2023 “An Advantaged Church – The 3 Attributes Of A Pre-Revival Environment – Part 3” and it’s all about how churches can position themselves to carry the inevitability of a coming season of revival. https://youtu.be/EFUoVX9KCOc

The video talks about how a revival can regather apathetic Christians, draw increased numbers of people to faith, stir the call of God in the hearts of the faithful and be marked by supernatural signs…But in order for a church to faithfully steward a revival, there are critical cultural imperatives that must run deep within the life of that church…The video then goes on to explore the 7 churches that Jesus addressed in the book of Revelation, all of which were smack bang in the middle of an Apocalyptic culture. Jesus was teaching them (and us!) how to be the church that ushers in a season of revival.

Each church had a specific imperative to focus on. For example, Ephesus was called to return to love, while Smyrna was called to endure in faith. Pergamum was called to repent of false teaching, and….Thyatira was called to abandon idolatry practices. Sardis was called to awaken from slumber, Philadelphia was called to persevere in trials, and Laodicea was called to rekindle spiritual fervour.

If you’re looking for inspiration and guidance on how to position your church for a season of revival, I highly recommend watching this video. You won’t regret it! Check it out here: https://youtu.be/EFUoVX9KCOc #ChurchRevival #RevivalCulture #PreRevivalEnvironment #AdvantagedChurch #YouTube