Join us on a journey of rest and reflection, as we share with you the story of our transformative Sabbatical experience through this engaging 8-part podcast series titled “Our Sabbatical Story.” This series is not just a recount of our time away but a heartfelt invitation to explore the profound impact a period of rest can have on one’s life and ministry.


Discover Purpose and Connection: This Sabbatical was a time brimming with purpose, surprises, and a deeper connection with God. Each episode delves into the enriching experiences that reshaped us as individuals, leaders, and ministers.


Engage with Authentic Stories: You will see that we speak honestly and authentically as we address questions about the why, how, and transformative power of this Sabbatical. We  offer insights into structuring this special time and managing the transition back into church life and ministry.


Reflect and Grow: The series encourages listeners to reflect on their own lives and find encouragement in seasons of change. It’s an opportunity to recalibrate and consider what God might be doing in your own season of life.


Join the Conversation: Engage with us by listening to these stories and sharing your own insights. Your feedback is invaluable, and we look forward to hearing how this journey has resonated with you.


Watch or listen to “Our Sabbatical Story” and be inspired to embrace the rhythm of work and rest, as taught in Exodus 23:10-13. Share this series with friends, peers, and anyone seeking a fresh perspective on taking meaningful breaks. Listen, watch, and let the stories of God’s goodness during this unique season move you.


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